Saturday, June 10, 2017

pumpkin man.
 little mister.

This sweet boy turned six on June 3rd.

How did this happen?!

It literally feels like I was just sitting in the hospital room,
 after having him 2 weeks earlier than expected,
wondering how would I know what to do 
once we took him home.

  He has grown in so many ways this year and
his little personality has been shining through like a bright star.

He has a natural ability to start up a conversation with just about anyone and 
makes friends with kids everywhere we go!

 He has always been a cool kid, but this year 
he developed a type of swagger that can't be taught.
I loved catching his eye on the playground at school 
because along with a big smile 
he would give me a head nod like "what's up" 
and...ready for this...a wink!
Two words: ladies.man.

He's pretty much got a handful of little girls at
Bellamy's dance studio wrapped around his finger.
 Every time they see him they say "Hiii Joseph" with a tiny wave and starry eyes.

Bellamy is his #1 girl though.
She's his partner in crime, preferred wrestling partner, imaginative play buddy,
and major source of comfort.
They are like two peas in a pod.
Although they know exactly how to push each others buttons they have a
special bond that I think only comes from
not knowing life without each other.

He still has a love for vacuums, mops, tools, and trash trucks, but it has lessened slightly
and his focus has shifted to his newest obsession:
His Nerf battles with Daddy are nothing short of a real life Call of Duty game.
He pulls out these amazing tactical skills and aiming abilities
that look as if he has been through some sort of police training camp.
He blows me away!

This boy is equal parts sweet soul, kind heart, & tough spirit at a mere 6 years old.
Watching him grow is one of my greatest joys.

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