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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

On the night of May 6, my life changed forever. 
That was the night my sweet precious baby girl entered our world.

I remember that day like it was yesterday.
She was ready for this world, entering it at lightening speed!
Little miss Bellamy doesn't do anything half way. She throws herself wholeheartedly into everything she loves; dancing, singing, coloring, baby dolls, barbies, school, and family/friends. 

Her nickname around our house is bouncy Bell. For as long as I can remember she has had a happy bounce in her step as if she is somehow floating on air. Most days you can see her joy for life radiating out of her cute little face.

She's constantly the star of her own life musical as she makes up a song for everything she does and sees. As long as Bell is singing we know she is OK.

Jojo is her main man. He's her creative accomplice, wrestling partner, the dad when she's playing house, and the person who can annoy her the most. Their relationship really is so special and honestly reminds me of the type of bond I have with my brother. It's deeply knit and life long.

Bellamy's unspoken confidence is something I most admire about her and at the same time find the most difficult to parent. She is very in tune with herself and knows very clearly what she likes and dislikes. We try our hardest to foster this strength in her, yet at the same time help her broaden her horizons.

Speaking of confidence, you can often find her leading a work out routine or parade around the school playground with a group of her friends trailing behind her listening to and mimicking her every word and movement.
It's really quite incredible to watch the way she can lead a crowd!

After doing just ballet and tap for the last two years, she started jazz this season and wow did it open up a can of sassy worms!
The day she learned how to sassy walk I'm pretty sure "A Whole New World" was playing in her head because it was as if the sassy walk was created just for her!

I spend the majority of my day with Bell & Jojo, but my favorite part of the day are the moments right before I kiss them goodnight. This is the time when Bellamy tells me the most important stories from the day, asks me questions about tomorrow, and just generally likes to talk. I feel the most connected to her during that time and cherish every little word she wants to tell me.

My girl is only 5, but she is larger than life, wise beyond her years and one of the greatest little kiddos I know.

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